Α.  General Terms 

1. D.I. BakeArt Ltd operates under ISO22000 standards.
2. Office: Business hours 08:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday.
3. Public holidays: D.I. BakeArt Ltd does not make deliveries on public holidays.
4. Pricing: D.I. BakeArt Ltd Reserves the right to increase prices after a two (2) months warning letter, to all business partners.
5. Stock: D.I. BakeArt Ltd Holds and maintains stock according to the forecasted period of two (2) months. Stock may vary due to seasonality trends etc.
6. Shortages: D.I. BakeArt LTD will not be held responsible and will not accept responsibility of what any reason due to shortage.
7. Delisting Products: D.I. BakeArt Ltd Reserves the right to delist any product. A written intention letter will be sent to all business partners affected two (2) months in advance.
8. Alternative Products: In the extreme event of shortage an alternative product will be offered of similar quality and size but not necessarily same price.
9. All business partners are obliged to inform D.I. BakeArt Ltd in writing of their intention to stop buying products two (2) months before doing so.

Β.  Orders 

Orders Accepted 
1. Orders from business partners who comply with the payment terms.
2. Orders placed between 08:00-12:00 for next day delivery.
3. Orders placed between 12:01-16:00 for next delivery date.
4. Orders placed through our sales/customer service team or through our main office at the telephone number 23744266. 
5. Orders sent by email at orders@bakeart.com.cy
6. Orders with the minimum quantity of three (3) boxes of any product.
7. In the extreme event that an order should be amended, this should be done only up to 12pm at the latest.
8. Weekend orders can be placed only through our sales team for Monday delivery: Saturday 08:00 to 15:00 Sunday 08:00 to 12:00.
9.  Emergency orders for collection from our premises are available within the hours 14:00 – 16:00. Not before and not after. Monday to Friday only

Orders NOT Accepted
1. Orders from business partners who do NOT comply with the payment terms.
2. Orders for same day delivery.
3. Orders with less quantity than three (3) boxes of any product.
4. Orders placed between 12:01-16:00 for next day delivery.
5. Orders D.I. BakeArt can and will deny acceptance of orders from business partners from whom in the past where not complying with any of the terms and conditions of the company.
D.I. BakeArt could/has the right to decline an order placed by any business partner who violated the terms & conditions of the company in the past.  

C. Deliveries 

1. Deliveries are carried out under ISO 22000 standards.
2. Deliveries are carried out documented and accompanied with invoice or waybill.
3. Deliveries are routed according to the company policies, priorities and in the best interest of our business partners. 
4. Deliveries: Special arrangements can be made on request by expressing your needs in writing to one of our sales/customer service team member. The request will be evaluated and written answer will be given. D.I. BakeArt Ltd is NOT obliged to agree to all requests.
5. Deliveries: All business partners have to check and approve the condition of the box, products and If needed the temperature and weight of the products, at the presence of one of our delivery employee and sign the accompanied documents. Complains of not conforming products or boxes will not be accepted by the D.I. BakeArt Ltd after the delivery employee leaves your premises.
6. Deliveries: By signing the documented order (invoice or waybill) confirms your approval of acceptance.

D. Returns 

1. A representative of D.I. BakeArt Ltd has to be present and approve the condition of products and boxes. A credit note will be issued crediting your account.

Returns Accepted 
1. Not conforming product (see deliveries C.5)
2. Damage box
3. Wrong code delivered
4. Wrong product in the box
5. Wrong quantity in the box 

Returns NOT Accepted 
1. Wrong product ordered 
2. Not conforming product (see C.6)
3. Damaged boxes (see C. 6)
4. Wrong product in box (see C.6)
5. Wrong quantity ordered 
6. Opened boxes
7. Any other reason than (see C. 6)

E. Terms of Payment

1. D.I. BakeArt Ltd holds responsible all business partners to maintain the agreed terms of payment.

Credit Card Payments
1. D.I. BakeArt Ltd accepts payments through JCC Gateway and this option is available to all B2B Customers, with or without payment terms.
2. In case a customer does not have negotiated payment terms, the only available payment option on the B2B platform will be through Credit Card.

Terms Invoices
1. Business partners on agreed terms of payment are to be/have to settle the total amount due, before or on the last day of the agreement. For those business partners who fail to do so/act accordingly D.I. BakeArt Ltd will block the account and deny acceptance of future orders.
2. A reassessment of cooperation will take place and if necessary, new conditions will apply.
3. In case that the customer, after the reassessment, is found incompetent/ fails to cooperate, D.I. BakeArt Ltd will block the account and the business partner will be deactivated. Legal measures and actions may occur where applicable.

Cash Invoices
1. Cash Invoices are and have to be settled prior or upon delivery. Non compliance with Not complying with the agreed rules, D.I. BakeArt will block the account and deny future orders. Legal measures and actions may occur where applicable.